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2x LinkedIn Top Voice. Filmmaker. Oculus Launchpad Fellow. Writer. Content & Product Marketer.

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Often described as the strategic and operational creative. Dennis Williams II has a proven track record in using content experiences to drive strategic growth. He has over 5 years experience leading digital marketing teams for both venture-backed startups and media brands, creating digital campaigns and innovative experiences to grow loyal audiences. Dennis made a career in developing content strategies that scale brand awareness and revenue.

As an experienced marketing leader, Dennis has previously led digital and content marketing departments for SaaS companies in Augment, Redbooth, and Marketing Evolution, as well as media agencies such as Brand Yourself, VideoInk, and Kid Genius. A few prominent milestones from leadership roles here include his responsibility in growing Augment's search visibility 20% and securing 520 linking root domains which is 5x our competition, ultimately leading to 1/3 of the 2016 sales pipeline. At VideoInk, Dennis managed an audience of over 3 million visitors per month, with the focus of scaling referral traffic with media partners (DailyDot, VidCon, Advertising Week, etc.).

With content at the core of all marketing initiatives, he prides himself as one of the more forward-thinking marketing innovators. He has a knack for managing cross-functional marketing relationships to institute a successful method for editorial strategy, brand copy, video curation, distribution, and social communities which has proven to drive and optimize growth. 

Hungry to learn and achieve, Dennis has a passion for content strategy, user acquisition, data analytics, and digital video. He has built a diverse portfolio of complementary skills and clients that allows him to work amongst numerous industries, targeting both business or consumer focused audiences. His work has been showcased by LinkedIn, Oculus, Entrepreneur, Inc. Magazine, Funny or Die, and the Huffington Post with notable accomplishments that include becoming a Oculus Launchpad Content Fellow, UMBC's Alumni Award 2017, and a LinkedIn Top Voice in Marketing, earning over 1.2M views on the editorial platform in 2016. Aside from thought leadership and creative strategy, he is also able to express his love for storytelling in other creative ways. Dennis is the director and writer of the award-winning short film, Note to Self. Additionally, he’s also the co-author of Amazon Best Seller "Augment’s Essential Guide to Augmented Reality" and "The Content Engine".